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Welcome to The Music Department at Utah Tech University!

Our Vision:

The Utah Tech University Music Department aspires to develop outstanding contributors and citizens. To do this we seek to:

  • Nurture students and the community through providing and fostering profound musical experiences.
  • Challenge people to think deeply about Music and its role in our society and our personal lives.
  • Transform our students and the landscape of our university and community in creative and meaningful ways.
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Scholarships are available from the Utah Tech University Music Department.
These scholarships are not limited to music majors. Any student may apply. Scholarships are available for instrumentalists and vocalists.
Brass, woodwind, and percussion students should consider applying for orchestra scholarships as well and band scholarships.


Program Learning Outcomes

All Music Degrees

  • Analyze and evaluate the elements, forms, and processes in music.
  • Describe, categorize, and assess the major historical periods, composers, styles, and genres of music.
  • Develop and defend musical judgments, and self-assess their efforts.
  • Perform associated repertoire with technical proficiency and artistic expression on their instrument or voice.
  • Use collaboration and leadership skills in making music.
  • Apply pedagogical skills in their area by appropriately critiquing student work and designing an applicable learning strategy.

Music Education

  • Analyze and evaluate school performance literature, method books, and teaching philosophies, and strategically design a school music program in terms of recruitment, curriculum, equity, and access.
  • Create and teach lessons and activities incorporating the Utah core music standards and informed by best practices in music pedagogy and technology, including effective classroom management and rehearsal techniques, and age/skill-appropriate assessments.


  • Perform on their instrument or voice in an exemplary manner that demonstrates a high level of achievement and career potential.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Utah Tech University Music Department is to prepare students for professional careers in music, to provide a high quality educational experience for all students, to serve as an educational and cultural resource for Utah Tech University, the local community, and the region, to develop character, dedication and excellence, and encourage lifelong learning.

NASM Contact

UT is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

National Association of Schools of Music

11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190-524

(703) 437-0700


Dr. Timothy Francis

Music Department Chair


Phone: 435-652-7922

Office: Eccles 114

Chloe Tate

Administrative Assistant


Phone: 435-879-4791

Brian Grob

Music Dept Advisor


Phone: 435-879-4346

Office: Eccles 103