Utah Tech University


The intent of the audition and placement exam is to predict the prospect or potential of success in a bachelor degree program in music. Current abilities as well as potential aptitude will be included in the evaluation.

Music Admissions Criteria

Admission for all majors in music requires an audition upon application. This performance should be a live audition on the Utah Tech campus, but DVD auditions will be considered. The entrance audition is typically combined with a scholarship audition.

A music theory placement exam is also required for admission. The placement exam is administered during the first week of classes of the Fall Semester of Music Theory I MUSC 1110. Students who do not pass the Placement Exam must enroll in Fundamentals of Music MUSC 1100 in addition to MUSC 1110. In some cases, students may be counseled to only enroll in Fundamentals of Music to strengthen their foundation of music knowledge. Students may also be placed into Music Theory II MUSC 2110. These same placement policies apply to Ear Training/sight-singing courses.

Contact the department regarding having the music theory placement exam proctored at an off-campus location.
Students intending to declare Music Education as their major will also have to be admitted into the Secondary Education Teaching program (SET).