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Student pianists have the opportunity to take a wide variety of piano courses and other music courses while at UT including private instruction, piano ensemble, piano accompanying, music theory, ear training, conducting, piano pedagogy, piano literature, and more. Pianists meet together in a weekly performance class where they learn to critique one another and refine their performance and listening skills. Ensemble playing helps students learn essential skills in collaboration, listening, musical style, sight reading, and rehearsal techniques. New for Spring 2019, the Piano Accompanying class focuses specifically on the art of collaborative piano, performance practice, interpretation, and musical style.  Students enrolled in Ensemble and Accompanying rehearse twice weekly, and receive coaching from our wonderful professors. The Piano Ensemble students perform at the end of each semester and participate in other performances on and off campus. Student pianists also have numerous opportunities to work with internationally recognized artists through the Celebrity Concert Series and the All Steinway Series.

All-Steinway Series 2021-2022

All-Steinway UMTA Honors Recitals (TBA)

UT Student Piano Recital: November 10, 2021 – Eccles Concert Hall

UT Piano Ensemble Concert: November 17, 2021 – Eccles Concert Hall

UT Student Piano Recital: April 13, 2022 – Eccles Concert Hall

UT Piano Ensemble Concert: April 20, 2022 – Eccles Concert Hall


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Dr. Nancy Allred

Director of Piano Studies & Associate Dean, College of the Arts

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